I have a background in the creative arts, as a writer, actress, singer and artist.  I am a lover of the natural world, and have a great interest in our rich and varied history and customs.  With a Master’s degree in both English Language and Literature, and in Creative and Critical Writing, I have a deep understanding of the power of both the written and the spoken word. 

Language has always been used to convey the most passionate of ideas and to find expression for our deepest thoughts, and never more so than in the power of ceremony.  Communicating our beliefs and hopes in a form of ritual that allows them to be spoken in the presence of others, gives meaning to what we are trying to say, and reinforces the significance of the moment.  Thinking about wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows specfically, this is why we choose to make vows to each other witnessed by those whom we love.  As a Celebrant, I have been able to use my understanding and talents in a role where all these aspects are combined.  

I am empathetic, warm and have a sense of humour and I will endeavour to put you at ease and give you confidence in your approach to one of the most important days of your life.  My expertise in the written word will ensure that your ceremony will be crafted with the utmost care and dedication to your individual wishes.  My ability to deliver in a public arena with sincerity, tact, and good humour will allow you to relax and enjoy your day, in the knowledge that your union has been realised in the most unique way possible.

I am a member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants and my personal page can be found here.